Board of Directors

Veronica Castro - ATP
Veronica Castro de Barrera

Community Expert in Architecture & Engineering

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Kirk Watson - ATP
Kirk Watson

Austin Mayor, Vice Chair

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John Langmore - ATP Board of Directors
John Langmore

Community Expert in Finance

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Juan Garza - ATP
Juan Garza

Community Expert in Community Planning or Sustainability

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Jeffrey Travillion - ATP
Jeffrey Travillion

CapMetro Board Member

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Dottie Watkins - ATP
Dottie Watkins

CapMetro President & CEO
Ex Officio

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Robert Goode - ATP
Robert Goode

City of Austin Interim Assistant City Manager
Ex Officio

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ATP Board of Directors Vacancy Update

Read about the Nominating Committee’s recommended candidate, as well as next steps related to the ATP Board of Director nomination process.

Austin Transit Partnership Leadership

ATP Vacancy Update
The graphic above illustrates the make-up of ATP Board member seats that govern the independent entity responsible for implementing Project Connect on behalf of the voters. The City of Austin and CapMetro jointly select 3 community expert representatives to serve on the ATP Board of Directors. The City of Austin appoints 1 voting member and 1 non-voting member to the ATP board. CapMetro also appoints 1 voting member and 1 non-voting member to the ATP board. Resulting in a total of 7 ATP board member seats, 2 non voting, 5 voting.

The Austin Transit Partnership has authorized an independent analysis by the ATP Board of Directors to determine the appropriate leadership model for ATP.

Austin Transit Partnership Advisory Committees

Austin Transit Partnership board members meet regularly with technical advisory committees, whose members provide valuable expertise and guidance to board members. Find detailed information about the committees and their functions.

Icon for Community Advisory Committee
The City of Austin, CapMetro and the Austin Transit Partnership have created an advisory committee to advise all 3 partners on topics related to equity and Project Connect, including efforts to curb displacement along the Project Connect system.
Icon for Engineering, Architecture, Construction Committee (EAC)
The EAC will advise the Austin Transit Partnership Board on matters related to technical engineering, architecture and construction issues.
The PSEC will advise the Austin Transit Partnership Board on matters related to community planning sustainability and DBE equity.
Icon for Finance And Risk Advisory Committee (FAR)
The FAR will advise the Austin Transit Partnership Board on financial matters and risk analysis

Staff Leadership

Greg Canally - ATP
Greg Canally

Executive Director

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Casey Burack - ATP
Casey Burack

Executive Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs

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Peter Mullan
Peter Mullan

Executive Vice President of Architecture & Urban Design

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Jennifer Pyne - ATP
Jennifer Pyne

Executive Vice President of Planning & Risk Management

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Lindsay Wood - ATP
Lindsay Wood

Executive Vice President of Engineering & Construction

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Staff Leadership | Project Delivery

Courtney Chavez - ATP
Courtney Chavez

Senior Vice President of Equity & Community Partnerships

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Brad Cummings - ATP
Brad Cummings

Senior Vice President of Procurement & Contract Management

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Paulo Faria - ATP
Paulo Faria

Senior Vice President of Architecture & Urban Design

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Alex Gale - ATP
Alex Gale

Senior Vice President of Real Estate, Facility and IT Services

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Manan Garg - ATP
Manan Garg

Senior Vice President of Delivery & Construction

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Alvin Livingstone - ATP
Alvin R. Livingstone

Senior Vice President of Engineering

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Deron Lozano - ATP
Deron Lozano

Senior Vice President, Environment and Project Development

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John Rhone - ATP
John Rhone

Senior Vice President of Light Rail Project Integration

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Staff Leadership | Business Services

Julia Campbell - ATP
Julia B. Campbell

Senior Vice President of Communications

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Brandon Carr - ATP
Brandon Carr

Senior Vice President of Legal Services and General Counsel

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Rebecca Giello - ATP
Rebecca Giello

Chief of Staff

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Bryan Rivera - ATP
Bryan Rivera

Senior Vice President / Treasurer

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Additional Staff

Katie Houston
Katie Houston

Director of Internal Audit

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