Austin Transit Partnership Board Appoints Greg Canally Permanent Executive Director

March 1, 2023


AUSTIN, TEXAS — The Austin Transit Partnership Board of Directors unanimously appointed Greg Canally as the organization’s executive director, effective immediately. Canally has served in the role in an interim capacity since May 2022. In January, the Board expressed its unanimous interest to consider Canally for the permanent position and subsequently engaged the public to inform the decision it made today.

“For more than two decades of public service, Greg has shown that he is dedicated to this city and the people of this community,” Austin Mayor Kirk Watson, vice chair of the ATP Board, said. “His steady leadership, commitment to transparency and determination to stay within the budget that voters established for this program are crucial factors in the board’s decision to make his appointment permanent. Simply put, he is the right person at the right time, and I look forward to working with Greg to get big things done for Austin.”

ATP’s charge is to deliver on the voters’ transit vision in partnership with the community—and in a way that embeds equity, sustainability and transparency as overarching priorities. ATP is driven by data, which includes community input, and is committed to meeting voters’ goals—and the budget—and honoring Austin’s values.

“Greg knows what it takes to navigate this critical juncture for ATP,” Veronica Castro de Barrera, chair of the ATP Board, said. “He has demonstrated an ability to be open and honest with the community and responsive to input. His leadership and financial stewardship of the organization since being named interim executive director, combined with his focus on fulfilling the will of the voters, gives the board confidence in his ability to continue to make progress for this community.”

Since his initial appointment, Canally has built a leadership team focused on achieving the goals of the organization and serving the community.

“I’m exceptionally proud to work side by side with our Board and a team of experts to fulfill the will of the voters who approved this long-term investment in 2020,” Canally said. “ATP is focused on bringing effective solutions to Austin’s transit infrastructure—including a core light rail system—that will connect people, create jobs and offer more ways to get us to destinations across our city. Community input is going to be crucial for ATP, and we are going to kick off a transparent, two-way process on March 21 as a first step in delivering light rail for Austin.”

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About Austin Transit Partnership

The Austin Transit Partnership (ATP) is the local government corporation responsible for implementing Project Connect and leading Austin Light Rail.

ATP is responsible for the day-to-day implementation, planning, financing, execution and oversight of Austin Light Rail.

In November 2020, Austin voters approved a referendum (“Prop A”) to provide a dedicated revenue stream to fund investments in Project Connect, a program of transit improvements, including Austin Light Rail. More information on the original Proposition can be found at