ATP Board Meetings

Upcoming Meeting:

  • Wednesday, December 21 at 2 p.m. (agendaagenda packet video)

Most Recent Meeting:

Meeting Location: ATP board meetings take place in the boardroom at 203 Colorado St., Austin, TX 78701.

Note: All dates, times and locations of meetings are subject to change. Please check each meeting's agenda to be sure. Members of the public can attend in person or watch the meetings online.

Meeting DateAgenda PacketVideoMinutesTranscriptSupplemental Documents
Wed., Jan. 19 (2 p.m.)January ATP Board Meeting
Wed., Feb. 16 (2 p.m.)February ATP Board Meeting
Wed., Mar. 23 (2 p.m.)March ATP Board Meeting
MinutesVideoTranscript *-
Wed., Apr. 20 (2 p.m.)April ATP Board MeetingMinutesVideoTranscript *
Wed., May 18 (2 p.m.)May ATP Board Meeting
MinutesVideoTranscript *-
Wed., Jun. 15 (2 p.m.)June ATP Board MeetingMinutesVideoTranscript *-
Wed., Jul. 20 (10:30 a.m.)July ATP Board Meeting
MinutesVideoTranscript *-
Wed., Aug. 24 (2 p.m.)August ATP Board MeetingMinutesVideoTranscript *Proposed FY2023 Budget
Wed., Sep. 21 (2 p.m.)September ATP Board MeetingMinutesVideoTranscript *-
Wed., Oct. 19 (CANCELED)-
Wed., Nov. 16 (10:30 a.m.)November ATP Board MeetingMinutesVideoTranscript *
Wed., Nov. 30 (1 p.m.)November tri-party work sessionMinutesVideoTranscript *
Wed., Dec. 21 (2 p.m.)December ATP Board MeetingMinutesVideoTranscript *-

* ‐ Transcript can be found in the video link.

ATP board and staff encourage input from the public. The goal is to allow interested parties representing various points of view are allowed time to present their views while permitting the board to conduct its meetings in an efficient and effective manner.

Those wishing to comment at ATP board meetings must notify ATP staff 24-hours before the meeting by calling 512-389-7590 or emailing Please give your name, a phone number and the topic you wish to discuss. On the day of the meeting, you will be contacted by ATP staff, added as an attendee to the board meeting and have 3-minutes to speak.

Reasonable modifications and equal access to communications are provided on request. Please contact 512-389-7590 or email for accessibility accommodation requests.