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Austin Transit Partnership Finance

About Austin Transit Partnership Finance — ATP Finance is comprised of Budget, Procurement, Real Estate, Treasury, and Accounting functions, all of which work in partnership to guide the Project Connect investment with transparency and accountability throughout the program.


ATP’s primary financial goal is to implement Project Connect, as envisioned by its stakeholders, as efficiently and as effectively as possible.

ATP 2022 Quarterly Performance Reports

ATP 2021 Financial Reports

Official Statements

Real Estate

ATP will be acquiring real property interests in order to construct the light rail Project Connect system including additional right-of-way for streets, sidewalks, rail guideway, stations, infrastructure and park-and-rides.



ATP engages in full and open competition, related to the procurement, management, and control of property, services, and construction.

ATP Procurement Online Tools and Support

Procurement provides support to ATP’s internal departments. ATP solicits competitive offers via the online solicitation process using ATP Supplier Portal. Registered suppliers can use it to view solicitations, submit bids, and receive announcements from ATP.

Mailing Address

ATP Procurement

203 Colorado Street 
Austin Texas 78701

ATP Procurement Team