A Message On Behalf Of The ATP Board Chair

January 27, 2023


On Friday, January 27, 2023, the Austin Transit Partnership (ATP) Board of Directors convened in executive session to initiate the first steps in a community process that, when complete, will identify a permanent Executive Director for ATP.

The first step in this process occurred on Friday when the ATP Board evaluated the current Interim Executive Director, Greg Canally, who was praised for his leadership competence after a review of outcomes in his short 7-month tenure. Consequently, in the spirit of maintaining stability in the organization’s leadership through the next several critical months of the Project Connect program development, the Board unanimously recommended to the staff that Mr. Canally be brought forth to the community to be considered as the sole candidate. A formal vote has not been taken.

As a Board, we treasure and respect the community’s input in an appointment of this caliber and want to ensure the process and results are embraced by the Board and community. We have provided guidance to staff to draft an open community process that allows this opportunity for dialogue, including involving community groups, and stakeholders. The Board will then consider outcomes from the community process before the final decision is made regarding an official appointment.

We look forward to advancing toward a permanent ATP Executive Director and appreciate the support and interest in the success of Project Connect.

-ATP Board Chair, Veronica Castro de Barrera

About ATP

Austin Transit Partnership (ATP) was created by the City of Austin and the Capital Metro Transportation Authority (CapMetro) as the independent entity, accountable, and responsible for the financing, design, construction, and overall implementation of Project Connect —the transformative, voter-approved investment in new transit services. ATP’s charge is to deliver on the Austin voters’ transit vision in partnership with the community – and in a way that embeds equity, sustainability, and transparency as overarching priorities.